Piloting phase EU Ethical guidelines

Piloting phase EU Ethical guidelines

The High Level Expert Group (HLEG) on AI appointed by the European Commission has published their Ethical Guidelines for Trustworthy AI.
Their goal is to provide an assessment list (chapter 3 of the document) which can be used by developers and deployers of AI to include ethics into their AI systems.

To make sure that the list is relevant, they have launched a piloting phase on 26 June during which organisations can supply feedback on the assessment list.

To ensure that the interests of the Belgian AI ecosystem is well represented. AI4Belgium will offer guidance during this process as well as make a consolidated vision from AI4Belgium on these guidelines.


Participation in this piloting process will require some actions from your side, but AI4Belgium would like to support as much as possible. With 2 specific events we would like to engage with the ecosystem on this matter

Workshop 1 : Using the assessment list18/09 13:30-15:30

During this workshop we will bring together the AI4Belgium community and experts from the EU HLEG. We will start of with an overview of the contents of the assessment list. After this, you will have the chance to interact with the experts who devised these questions. This will give you the opportunity to better understand the background of certain questions which might not be clear for you.

To do this workshop the most efficient way possible, it would be advised that you have already read the guidelines and made a reflection about its application in your organisation.

Workshop 2 : Consolidated feedback
14/11 13:30-15:30

This smaller workshop will be organised to go over the consolidated version of the comments made by the AI4Belgium community. We will go over all the comments made and modify where required.

Invites for both workshops will be send in our next communication in August.


To be able to provide relevant feedback towards the HLEG, we will need to keep a certain timeline. Here is an overview of our actions and their timing.

Second mailing containing: – Workshop registration
– Documentation to assist in the guidelines
End August
Workshop 1 : Using the assessment list18 September
Deadline to submit feedback towards AI4Belgium11 October
Drafting consolidated version
Sending out draft consolidated feedback for comments7 November
Workshop 2 : Consolidated feedback14 November
Deadline for submitting feedback towards HLEG30 November
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